Friday, February 20, 2009

Home Weight Loss Business

A Home Weight Loss Business You Can Start For Free

You get....

A Free Unique Web Page To Refer Customers To
The Opportunity To Order High Quality Weight Loss Supplements At Wholesale Prices
You Handle No Inventory - Your referals sign up from your link and make their own orders, and you get paid!

Learn More About California NutraSciences Weight Loss Business

Address the basic 4 problems with weight loss: Food cravings, toxic buildup, low energy levels, and hunger! This is a natural herbal and nutritional weight loss program that works to help people lose weight without giving up their favorite foods or starving.

The Core4 Weight Loss Program

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Drop Shipping

Many blogger are interested in different avenues of selling online, and drop shipping with EBay is one of the most popular ways to begin a home business. Online auctions like EBay provide a marketplace, and you can sell products without investing in inventory or supplies.

If you even considered a drop shipping business, why not consider giving a look at Drop Ship Money Book.

They offer a free download of ways to find the hottest products to sell!

Drop Ship Money Book BLog

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Affiliate Underdog Puts on the Marketing Dawg!

Hey, I know it's been awhile, but I needed to update this with a new website and blog I've found that really digs deep in the affiliate marketing areana.

It's aimed at people who have already made their first sales, and are not absolute beginners, but would like to increase that sales level to something that would allow them to quit the old day job.

If you're interested in making money online, then click here for Affiliate UnderDog.

Current topics have been on Pay Per Click Advertising, Finding a Niche to Market, Search Engine Traffic, and getting advice from online marketing gurus. I have high hopes that this blog will be a bookmark for lots of us. So many internet marketing sites are either aimed at employees of huge affiliate network companies, super affiliates, or at absolute beginners. I think Affiliate Underdog May give me a home!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Affiliate Marketing From Your Blog - All about traffic and sales copy!

Internet Traffic and Sales Copy Make Your Business

Face it, you can have the most dynamic, inspiring online blog in the known universe, and you will not make money off of it if nobody visits. You will also fall short of your goals if you do not have great ad. copy.

Great ad copy makes people want to buy what you sell, and it makes them feel safe conducting a transaction with the merchants you recommend. I found a new blog called Affiliate Underdog that addresses the issues of getting started with affiliate programs, and it is certainly worth a click!

The owner does make a living online though she says she is not an ultra-cool, post modern super affiliate. That's what I like... some down to earth money making advice we can all understand!

Click Here to Make Money with Affiliate Underdog

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Viral Marketing, Self Publishing, and the BIG AH HA!

Why do you need viral marketing?

You know, sometimes I think I am just dim. Most of us don't have that one big website or blog that can make all of our income. We maintain several websites and blogs, all hopefully around a theme, or the eventual places our primary theme takes us. For instance, I started a website about insurance to supplement my own insurance work. Since I was only licensed in Texas, I started selling out of state leads to a lead company. One day I realized that this little sideline was making quite a bit of money, and I wanted to expand it. Of course, that caused me to look into ways to promote my website and the lead selling affiliate business.

That started me blogging. I blogged about insurance, and then I started blogging about blogging.... The list goes on.....

I realized that I could get blog traffic and website visitors by providing good content. Those surfers read my articles, and they were more likely to sign up for the affiliate programs I used. But the pace was awful. I needed help. One article just didn't get that many readers, and I was having an awful time posting dozens of articles in different subjects. Hey, my brain is only soooo big.... But enough on that.

Finally, after reading tons of forums, blogs, and articles about online marketing, I discovered how to solve a lot of my problems!

Article Publishing

Of course, we don't tend to look for solutions until we have a problem. My solution was a Free Reprint Article Service. I could find quality articles to post on my website. My payment for these articles was to include a link to the author's website. It was worth it!

Flip the coin, and when I developed a decent article, I could submit it to the Free Reprint Article Services. That way, my article got posted on my blog, and also could get posted on other websites and blogs. The bloggers and website owners who used my article would include a link back to me in exchange for my article.

It's sort of like a content co-op, and it's great!

Click Here for PublishMyself - A Free Reprint Article Website that is FREE

On PublishMyself.Net you can also find a front page link to ArticleMarketer. Now ArticleMarketer charges varying fees, but they are usually a very well made investment. You will have your article professionally reviewed, be allowed to make changes, and then have your article distributed to thousands of eager publishers and editors. Imagine being able to promote your site while you are sleeping or watching a movie!

Click Here for ArticleMarketer - A Paid Submission Service that will get you noticed by thousands of Eager Publishers and Editors

If you run a business or website, and especially if you run a blog, you can write an article. You do it all the time. You include a link back to your web page, and the link must be kept in exchange for the content you provide. It works great, and articles will give you, and your service, more credibility and more traffic!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blog Traffic

Every blogger and website owner wants more traffic. Most of us need a lot more traffic!

One of the latest trends is to use free reprint article sites. This can help you increase traffic in two ways.

You could sign up to be an author and contribute articles to the site. If accepted, they will publish your article along with a link to your website or blog!

Other bloggers and webmasters, looking to ease their workload, look for short articles to increase their own content. After all, keeping content updated takes time! They get to pull your article and use it on their site for free. All they have to do is keep your website link.

The article writers get free website promotion. The bloggers and website owners get free content. This is a great way to start viral marketing, and a great way to have constant updates to your website!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

women's blog

Face it, a lot of women look to the web to make money from home. Women make up the majority of people on the internet, and they often are highly motivated to have flexible hours!

A new blog addresses women's work issues - in the home, home business, or juggling the home and work outside the home. Click Here for WomanWork Woman Blog.

Suspot web Affiliate Program - Credit, credit cards, etc

This is a great affiliate program, and you can think of all kinds of creative ways to promote their products. They mostly have links to credit card offers, but they also offer free trial credit reports and other services.

Click Here to Join the Sunspotweb Affiliate Network Team. Earn top commissions with your existing Web sites promoting credit cards, insurance and other financial products. We offer top-notch advanced reporting, tracking and prompt payment.